Monday, September 30, 2013

My Best Poem By: Jake B.

I don’t understand
Why we have to go to school
Why we have to lean
Why we have to write

But most of all,
Why do we have math
Why we have to do work
Why we have to take "Reading 180"
Why we do daily warm up

What I understand most is
Why we do work
Why we go to school
Why we have math

Why we go to physical education

Untitled By: Franky Urquiza

I don’t understand
Why is it always cold
Why people hate others
Why the world going bad

But most of all
I don't understand
Why going to doctor is good
Why going to church is bad
Why the sun going away
Why the moon shows at night

What I understand most is
Why I go to school
Why we take rests
Why we have to be responsible
Why students laugh

My Metaphor By: Jakelin D.

I used to be a seed that didn't want to grow
Didn’t  know much about life
Never expecting something bad thing to happen.
But now I am a flower 
That finally grew and

Knows more things.
If something bad happens 
It is for a reason.

Me By: Luis Rojo

Nice hair, Nice clothes, Nice shoes, and nice student
Relative of Norma Gustavo and Uncle Rene
Lover of pizza, chinnes, and shoes
Who feels sadness, scared and happiness
Who needs nice clothes, an ipad, and an ipod
Who fears lions, snakes, and fire ants
Who gives chips, games, and books
Who would like to see real dinosaurs, soccer players,and football players
Resident of Robbins

What If? By: Carlie Voss

What if I could fly?
                                        I might touch the sky

                                        What if I had super strength
                                   I could be stronger than the hulk

                                      What if I gave the biggest hugs

                                  I could be loved forever and always!

My Metaphor Poem By: Kelvin Gonzalez

I used to be a frown

One of kind or left out 
Lonely or a nobody.
But one day I transformed into a happy face.
Everybody around me seems happy. 
Sometimes I wonder if all frowns will ever be happy.

I Am… By: Karen Cabrera Pulido

I am funny and pretty
I wonder if that is how others think of me
I hear my friends when I laugh
I see a big smile on every face
When they see me
I want a peacock and many more things.
I am funny and pretty

I pretend that I am not mean
I feel like just running alone somewhere and not feeling trapped in my house all the time

I feel like touching the sky, falling down and being caught in somebody’s arms
I worry if I will live a long life
I cry when I hear bad news about my family
I am funny and pretty

I understand that my parents

want me to  go to college.
I say, "That is exactly what I was planning to do."
I dream to bring babies into a new world
I hope my wishes will be granted
I am funny and pretty!!

I AM... By: Alexus Mccrimmon

I am sparkling and beautiful
I wonder when the world will end
I hear somebody sneezing
I see a ghost in the air
I want a better life
I am sparkling and beautiful

I pretend to act like nothing happens
I feel broken down
I touch my grandpa and aunt’s hands
I worry about my family everyday
I cry if I don’t get my way
I am sparkly and beautiful

I understand people have problems in their lives
I say there is always a plan for us
I dream about going around the world
I try to play my sports in a serious way
I hope I earn a million dollars
I am sparkly and beautiful

Crazy Me By: Dawson Evangelista

I used to be  a clown                                        
Crazy and hyper
Always had something funny to say              
Jokes and comebacks
But now I am  a calm breeze                                                      
Doing all my work                                          
Having a good year
And setting many goals.

I Am By: Stephanie Catalan

I am funny and shy.
I wonder how heaven looks
I hear Jesus coming
I see my future so bright
I want to be a dentist
I am funny and shy

I pretend to be proud of myself
I feel so dumb
I cry when I remember my cousin that died

I am funny and shy

What I Used to Be By: Ashley Bohler

I used to be a shy animal hiding around
Just afraid and alone 
and hungry
Did not talk 
Did not say things when asked
But now I am a German Shepherd 
being nice and helping the people 
At least I try to
Giving kindness everywhere and to everything.

I Used To Be.. By: Madeleine Ramirez

I Used To Be A Rock
Never Wanting To Move
Never Wanting To Help Out
But Now I Am A Flower
That Blooms ,
That Pops Out
That Is Beautiful

Me By: Nadia B.

I am a funny, pretty, awesome dancer             
Daughter of Callie and Johnathan
            Lover of Basketball, Eating, and Texting
              Who is Great, Gorgeous, and Smart   
               Who needs Love, attention, and Money
             Who fears Snakes, Spiders, and Crickets
                Who gives Hugs, High Fives, and Hits   
Who wants to see Lebron James, Trey Songz, and Nicki Minaj
                 Resident of Robbins

Metaphor By: Kallie G.

I used to be a little squirrel
Worried about what others thought of me.
Or what they would have to say about me.
But now I am a tiger
Confident and proud of myself.
I don’t ever want to be a blank spot.
I want friends that are true.


I use to be a armadillo
                        Hiding in
my armor.
Shy and afraid.

                    But now I am a fish
Swimming free and having fun. 
Free and aware of his surroundings.

Sadness to Brightness By: Azucena Vazquez

I used to be a little bud with
No courage, and full of darkness
But now I turned into
A beautiful red rose that is full of light

I used to be a speck of dust that didn't have a Reason to live

But turned into a bright gorgeous star 
That is strong everyday

Picture Frame By: Cierra Rae Daniel

   I used to be a picture on the wall,
                                 Planned for later,
                          Now, I have walked out of that boring frame,                 
To an exciting new me.

My poem By: Jonathan Gonzalez

Kind, gamer, helper, and caring
Nephew of Ana Laura
Lover of games, pizza, and cycling
Who feels love, kindness, and care
Who needs more games, clothes, and money
Who fears snakes, bulls, and spiders
Who gives love, kindness, and donations
  Who would like to see China, Brazil, and New York
        Resident of Robbins

Clouds By: Austin Bean

They walk through the sky with invisible legs so tall
They're so big they cover the sky with gray
They make big angry boom bang and bam sounds that bounce around the sky
An angry bear clawing the sky,
But light like puffy white cotton balls
Curvy and smooth, they soar through the air

Light to Dark By: Pablo Zuniga

I used to be light,
brave and full of courage,                        
I had many friends
and ready for anything
But now I am darkness,
afraid I might fall,
scared I might make an error,
and sometimes I get depressed

About Me Poem By: Keven Cisneros

good reader, funny, and a good basketball player
Brother of Cathy
Lover of pizza, video games, and basketball
Who feels like a bird on fire, the sea, and space
Who needs money, food, and clothes
Who fears La Llorona, ghosts, and witches
Who gives happiness, smiles, and courage
Would like to see Disney Land, Italy, and Mexico
Resident of Robbins
Cisneros Ortiz

My Poem By: Alex Escamilla

Short, Athletic, Fast, and Smart
Brother Of Santiago
Lover Of Soccer, Video Games, and Pizza
Who Feels Love, Care, and Kindness
Who Needs Money, Food, and Clothes
Who Fears Roller Coasters, Zombies, and Ghosts
Who Gives Happiness, Strength, and Love
Who Would Like To See Disney World, Lionel Messi, and LeBron James
Resident Of Robbins


Alondra By: Alondra Machuca Pulido

funny, loud, beautiful
Relative of The Pulido’s and Machuca’s
Lover of Music,soccer,and Facebook
Who feels loved, loyal, and silly
Who needs a phone, 100 bucks, and a new ipod charger
Who fears spiders, brooms, and heights
Who gives hugs, love, and happiness
Who would like to see Neymar in real life, Mrs. Wilson dance the cha cha slide, and Alex wash dishes
Resident of my room, me, and my life
                                                Machuca Pulido

Airplanes By:Brayan

They look like
         huge people gliding through
    the air
      Blocking the sun and making
They are so big you can see them
     from space
    The roar is so loud you can hear
       it from Australia
         Flying freely like a flamingo
          It a spaceship that flies sideways
Airplanes are like a roaring lion
Leaving streams of hot air behind.