Monday, September 30, 2013

I Am… By: Karen Cabrera Pulido

I am funny and pretty
I wonder if that is how others think of me
I hear my friends when I laugh
I see a big smile on every face
When they see me
I want a peacock and many more things.
I am funny and pretty

I pretend that I am not mean
I feel like just running alone somewhere and not feeling trapped in my house all the time

I feel like touching the sky, falling down and being caught in somebody’s arms
I worry if I will live a long life
I cry when I hear bad news about my family
I am funny and pretty

I understand that my parents

want me to  go to college.
I say, "That is exactly what I was planning to do."
I dream to bring babies into a new world
I hope my wishes will be granted
I am funny and pretty!!

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