Friday, October 4, 2013

Kimberly Z.

I use to be a shy and quiet mouse
     I always wondered what I would be like
    People would always ask me questions and I would not answer them.
    But now I’m a loud dog
     I make my friends laugh by telling them jokes
    Sometimes I’m still shy, 
But not always
    Now  I have lots of  friends

And know lots of people  from different places.

Crab By: Brandon G.

I am a son of a crab and a fish
I wonder if I’m a crab fish 
Oh no!
I hear someone say humans eat crab fish
I sometimes see fishermen coming to hunt me
I want to live forever and ever
I am a son of a crab and a fish
I wish I weren't
I just don’t want to get eaten


Planes By: Tyler G.

They roar when you start taking off
 The sound is more fierce than a lion
 Flying high and proud like a bald eagle
 It is a child's wish

 Traveling at the speed of sound

Poem By: Megan Gluck

I used to be a turtle 
I couldn't  talk  in front of  a class 
I was worried what they might say about me.

But now I am a lion  
I can speak in front of  a class 
Without getting shy 
Or worrying about what they might say about me.

Poem By: Yeisel D.

I Used To Be A Snail
Slow And Lazy
Never Wanting To Do Anything
Never Wanting To Help Out.
But Now I’m a Dolphin  
I Am Confident
I Talk Crazy

With My Friends.

Used to By: Isaias F.

I used to be a pit bull
I used to look funny then 
When I got my hair cut  
People still did not like me 
So I told my mom next time to cut my hair better 
I told my mom that people did not like me 

But now I am a Chiwawa 
My hair got cut right
I was going out with some girl  
When I got to the 7th grade I was still going out with the same girl 
My hair looks much better

Soccer Ball By: Moises Estrada Cazares

We were playing soccer 
The boy kicked the ball 
And hit a window 
We stopped playing  
They took our ball
The boy went and asked for his soccer cleats  
They say yes 
But don't hit the window again 
They broke another window
All the pieces shined like stars
As they were falling 
They shined on the floor

By: Jessica Villegas-Gomez

I used to be a flower
But now I am a seed  
But a seed is too week
And the flower is

     Than a seed.

Tiger By Robinson Sales

They seem to yell when they are waking up
                    The roar is louder than fire truck sirens
                    Terrible terrific tiger
                   It is a fierce blend of orange and black hues
                   Fast as a speeding train
                   Gleaming with orange and black strips 
along the yellowish grass

Tyron By: Tyron M.

Determined, kind, friendly, and energetic
       Son of Damien and Patricia
                 Lover of fishing, sports, and dancing
                 Who feels great when dancing
Hopeful after a test
And mad when people talk too much and get in your
                  Who needs a phone, some money, and a car
Who fears getting shot... that's all
                   Who gives money to people who need it most
                    Who would like to see a bus at the drag-races 
with nitrous
  Resident of Spies Road

Mountain By: Daimir


You sit there and do nothing all day

You make people fall all the way

You make people feel all alone when they're at the bottom

But when they are on the top

The sun sings them a song

Well now I have to go 

But I will be back

So don’t cry 

You will be in my mind all the time

Then and Now By: Johnny Luck

I used to be water
All calm and cool
Not knowing where to go
Afraid to make friends
But now I am a race car 
Not afraid to show who I am 
Taking charge
Not afraid

My Life By: Yaneli Hernandez

I say I love my best friends with all my heart
                           I dream of having a mansion and a convertible
                           I feel my future growing and growing
                          I cry when I hear songs or remember memories
                          I pretend to laugh sometimes
                         I hear my future calling me
                         I want the best for my friends and family
                         I am a girl who always tries her best on everything no matter what!

Flowers By: Daisy Jailene Cervantes Velazquez

Flowers cry when there is no rain
Flowers  grow to the top of the moon
Pretty perfect purple pansies
Swoosh swish
A flower is hope
Blooming like the sun

The flowers feel so soft

What If? By: Diana P.

What if I never get to see anybody anymore…
I could go on...and leave everyone behind…

What if I don’t matter to them?
I would stay alone forever…

How would you feel?

My Metaphor By: Samuel G.

I used to be a quiet sparrow
walking around being worried
being a funny clown!
Thinking that people were going to talk about me
But now I am a thunder cloud
that bursts out with words  
walking around with new friends

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Basketball By: Jordan Scott

It says, ¨I am happy when I am bouncing!¨
It bounces all the way to the sky
Thown by a boy going into the net.
The girls’ smiles were a mile long. Bouncing like a rabbit.

The rip of the net from the ball.

Then and Now… By: Jordan Rodriguez

I used to be a chair  
I guess everybody made fun of me
I didn't know what was so funny.
Every time  I passed through them
They shared laughs
Every moment they were laughing at me

But  NOW, I am a classroom!